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Getting ready for tax time

As a medical professional, you’re entitled to claim deductions for some expenses related to earning your income.

To know what you can claim, here's a Deduction Checklist from Dean Newberry & Partners.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of buying, hiring, repairing and cleaning certain work-related uniforms, occupation-specific clothing or protective clothing.

You may be able to claim a deduction for shoes, socks and stockings if they are an essential part of a distinctive compulsory uniform, the characteristics of which - colour, style, type - are specified in your employers unform policy. Wearing of the uniform must be consistently enforced.

** Generally, clothing is distinctive if it has the employer's logo permanently attached and the clothing is not available to the general public.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of buying, hiring, replacing or maintaining protective clothing.

Protective clothing is clothing that you wear to protect yourself from the risk of illness or injury posed by your income-earning activities or the environment in which you are required to carry them out, for example, non-slip nursing shoes.

You can also claim a deduction for the cost of clothing that you use at work to protect your ordinary clothes from soiling or damage, for example, laboratory coats and aprons.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of laundering and dry-cleaning work clothes that are eligible deductions. For example, you can claim a deduction for cleaning a uniform that your employer provides and that you must wear to work.

You can claim laundry expenses for washing, drying and ironing such work clothes, including Laundromat expenses. If you claim for laundry expenses is $150 or less, you do not need written evidence; you may use a reasonable basis to work out your claim.

If you claim a deduction for laundry expenses that is more than $150 and your total claim for work-related expenses (other than car, meal allowance, award transport allowance and travel allowance expenses) exceeds $300, you need written evidence for the total claim. You can claim the cost of dry-cleaning work clothes if you have kept written evidence to substantiate your claim.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of renewing your annual practising certificate.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of first aid training courses if you, as a designated first aid person, are required to undertake first aid training to assist in emergency work situations.

You can claim a deduction, called a capital allowance, for the decline in calie of equipment used for work.

If the equipment if also used for private purposes, you cannot claim a deduction for the part of the decline in value.

You cannot claim a deduction if the equipment is supplied by your employer or any other person.

Generally, that amount of your deduction depends on the effective life of the equipment. Equipment for which your may be able to claim capital allowance includes:
. Calculators and electronic organisers
. Computers and computer software
. Answering machines, telephones/mobiles, fax machines and other telecommunications equipment
. A professional library
. Tools and equipment
. Dedicated stopwatches and fob watches (but not ordinary wristwatches)

You may be entitled to claim deductions for the home office expenses:
. Running Costs may be deductable
. Occupancy expenses are generally not deductable for an employee
. You must keep records

You can claim a deduction for the cost of attending seminars, conferences and training courses that are sufficiently connected to your work activities.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of street directories, logbooks, diaries, pens and other stationery to the extent that you use them for work.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of journals, periodicals and magazines that have a content specifically related to your employment as a medical practitioner.

You can claim a deduction for the cost of work-related telephone calls.

You can claim a deduction for your telephone rental if you can show that you are on call or are regularly required to telephone while you are away from your workplace.

If you also use your telephone for private purposes, you must apportion the cost of telephone rental between work-related and private use.

You need to keep a diary of work calls over a 4 week period to enable you to establish the business use percentage of your phone, alternatively you can identify the work-related calls from an itemised phone account.

You cannot claim a deduction for the cost of connecting a telephone, mobile, pager or any telecommunications equipment as it is a capital expense.

You can claim a deduction for these fees. If the amount you paid is shown on your payment summary, you can use it to prove your claim.

You can claim a deduction for Income Protection Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

However, insurances such as life insurance and trauma insurance are not deductable.

You should contact us if you are unsure what to claim.

All you Medical Body Registration fees are deductable. Examples include:

This list doesn't cover everything; the best advice is to maintain an orderly record keeping system to allow easy review of all your expenses at tax time. You never know the tax saving you might find.

Want to know more? Contact David Tonellato (david@deannewbery.com.au) / Yvette Carver (YvetteCarver@deannewbery.com.au) / Carly Tkacz (Carly@deannewbery.com.au) or call 08 8267 4777.

“They have been fantastic - they are supportive and understanding, very aware of my specific needs and which placements I am interested in - and they work hard to find these shifts for me! They are flexible, approachable and always easy to contact. The personal service is fantastic.

AMP has helped me take a whole year off from GP training after the birth of each of my children by helping find suitable shifts so that I could keep my clinical skills up to date.”

– Dr. A. R.

“Excellent service provided. The website for requesting locums is easy to use but there is also the option of contacting AMP by phone. Usually suitable locums are found for shifts requested.”

– Manager from SA Metro Hospital

“Last month I went on 3 weeks annual leave from my full time job. I spoke with the AMP team at the time and mentioned that I would be available to do the odd shift if any popped up, and, in passing happened to mention the time off was for the arrival of my first child.

A few weeks later whilst perusing the AMP site, I came across a shift that suited and called the team to confirm.

I had never spoken with the particular contact AMP person for the job and yet at the end of our conversation she hoped that everything was going well with my new born child!

Maybe it was my post-partum hormonal surge but I was genuinely surprised and honoured that someone at AMP remembered, let alone, had shared it with their work mates. I felt as if the AMP crew actually cared about what I was up to outside of our professional, fiduciary relationship.

So, thanks AMP for making me feel human!”

– Dr. D. L.

“Extremely accommodative to suit my preference and requirements in terms of job availability and position. Professional, personalised and friendly Medical Recruitment Manager. Seminars organised by AMP have always been informative, useful and relevant.”

– Dr. V. G.

“I have been associated with Australian Medical Placements for over five years. While I am clearly impressed by their role of finding appropriate Jobs for the right doctor, I was pleased to note that they have taken a new role of training the Doctors with the Knowledge and skills needed for their successful placement.

Having attended one of the training sessions, I was impressed by the quality of training and resources provided at the venue. I am encouraged by the fact that Australian Medical Placements is keen on helping Doctors continue their Professional Education and improve their skills while continuing to work in their field of chosen specialty.

I wish Australian Medical placement every success in this endeavour.”

– Dr L.C.

“We have been extremely pleased with the service provided by AMP.

We find the staff are always friendly, even when you are requesting an emergency locum with very short notice. We receive paperwork promptly and correctly and do not need to spend time chasing up extra documentation when confirming a locum.

The locums fit into our work team very well. They ask all the right questions and ensure that their orientation covers everything that they may need to know to work with us. No one is concerned about how the day will flow when we have a locum – as everyone knows that doctor will be a friendly team player who is willing to follow our guidelines, policies and procedures, but also confident enough to speak up if something is not as it should be.”

– GM of Rural Hospital

“Have gone above and beyond for me and it is greatly appreciated.”

– Dr. R.S.

“I am an ex country GP who is used to being his own boss who wants to work when it suits and be paid for my time at a rate that is commensurate with the urgency, responsibility required and remoteness of the locum work that I am required to do. I have been fortunate to have been with AMP for some years. I choose where I want to work out of a large range of possibilities. I say where I want to go and then the fantastic staff take over and I have little else to do (once I have been “enrolled” in that particular state). You feel like you are part of a family and that they care if you have any concerns (which they sort out as quickly as possible).

I consider that I do a good job and I expect to get paid and looked after accordingly. I do.

Why would I go anywhere else?”

– Dr. R. F.

“Many job placements over many years - thanks.”

– Dr. J. B.

“Relationship with AMP staff very sound and efficient. Very efficient in responding to our request and always pleasant to deal with”

– Manager from SA Metro Hospital

“Excellent service, particularly afterhours service.”

– Dr. B. C.

“I really appreciate being able to ring up my AMP assistant to ask for appropriate and personalised work requests and clarify minor details. The AMP consultants are available to help and easily accessible.”

– Dr. S. S.

“Prompt, professional, friendly”

– Dr. G. C.

“Very friendly and helpful entire staff in particular Amanda, Kylie and Deanna. Excellent out of hours communication by Kylie and very quick response. Felt very comfortable working with them entire year.”

– Dr. U. M.

“I have been working with AMP since 2007/8 and I absolutely enjoy the working relationship with AMP.”

– Dr. G. D.

“AMP is acutely aware of what I want and they always deliver. I am made to feel as if I am special (but I know other employees to whom I have spoken feel the same). I almost exclusively deal with Briony whose devotion to her work is inspiring.

I like working at remote sites all over Australia and they have the wide net that allows me to do just that. I have been with them for many years and would not consider switching.”

– Dr. R. F.

“Very pleasant to work with AMP.”

– Dr. S. G.

“All the people that I've contacted with questions or asked for help from have been very polite and helpful, and prompt with responses.”

– Dr. J. N.

“Staff are very pleasant and professional”

– Dr. N. R.

“Great for personalised service. If I ring or email AMP, I get an answer same day most of the time. A same day reply is really important to me, even if the answers are to follow. They pay on time and chase up hospitals for timesheets etc. when asked.”

– Dr. S. S.

“Plenty of work!”

– Dr. K. D.

“Cheryl is brilliant, she has organised placements in my areas of special interest on a regular basis. She is fantastic to deal with!”

– Dr. L. C.

“Excellent, fast response to concerns and inquiries. Generally good provision of service across the board. Thanks!”

– Dr. B. C.

“Online information. Timely payments. Kylie is very helpful and friendly to deal with.”

– Dr. S. K.

“Enjoyable shifts.”

– Dr. J. L.

“Provide a personal service, display professionalism with prompt replies to any queries”

– Dr. L. F.

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